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Work from Home Design Trends from The Pro’s

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In the Work-From-Home Age, we are now putting all of our effort into ensuring our domain is as comfortable as can be. What an interesting time for interior design. An environment that is not only comfortable but easy on the eyes will increase productivity. 

Interior design is evolving because it’s is no longer appealing to just a home owner, but for the worker as well.  

It can begin with something as simple as a chair. The chair is the nucleus, the root of your lumbar support. It’s your 9 to 5 throne. We are no longer craving a mundane black chair with plastic arms on wheels. 

“Gone are the days of plain black mesh desk chairs as your only office option. A variety of colors and styles have upgraded the traditional desk chair, while still giving you all the comfort you need for a full day's work. Interesting colors and metal finishes give these desk chairs a stylish upgrade but still include ergonomic support, height adjustment, and more,” says Rebecca Breslin, Design Manager for Wayfair Professional. 

Check out the new Upper Square line by Wayfair Professional. It’s an innovative approach to your standard office grade chair and offers a nice contemporary style. And because you’re in the comfort of your own home, go ahead and grab a pillow from your couch for a nice splash of color.

“Productivity doesn’t only come from office equipment, it’s also a result of working in a relaxing and comfortable space,” says Lauren Meichtry who is the founder of Elsie Home. “To brighten up an otherwise bland space, throw pillows provide a layer of thoughtfulness and detail that just might roll into your work product.”

Less is more, that’s why minimalism is here to stay. At least for a while. Don’t be tempted by abundance or going overboard. Take some advice from business coach and TEDx speaker Cait Scudder. “There are so many gadgets, organizers, calendars and wall decorations you can use for your space,” she says. “At the end of the day, simple and minimal is much better long term than trendy and cute.”

Jennifer Jaden, founder of Societygal and CEO of Gal Media is all about making it meaningful. “Try to make your office a place of inspiration and flow. Be choosy in what items you have on your desk,” she says. “I have a photo of my boyfriend, a cactus, salt lamp and some stationery I’ve collected from hotels on my travels. Those things keep me inspired to work hard so I can travel and take care of my family.”

“There’s no doubt about it— work can sometimes feel stressful. Include a few items in your home office that evoke a sense of calm and wellbeing. Whether that’s plants, crystals, or something else that visually evokes a sense of balance, choose something you can see and be reminded to take a few deep breaths.”

Think of your office as a family room. And if you have children, by now you are probably accustomed to having the kids invade your work station. This is unavoidable, which is why you should consider a swivel chair in order to give children a space for reading and homework. You can work together if you install a love seat or a second desk. It might even be an incentive for them to finish their homework if they see you working just as hard. 

Working from home can be a good thing. Arguably, it can be better than working at the real office. Open your windows, let in natural light and air and don't let the cabin fever consume you. Take frequent walking breaks, as to not cause damage to your lower back. The problem with work at home situations is that those can get too comfortable on the couch and as a result, end up hurting themselves. It is time to evolve and what better place to evolve than at home? 

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