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The Relationship Between Real Estate and Teachers



Here’s an example as to how two totally different variables can affect each other and in turn, make an impact on the world at large. The variables are that of teachers and real estate. As housing costs and interest rates rise, teachers may find it difficult to find an affordable mortgage in the districts they serve. This creates a lack of teachers from Seattle to San Francisco, to Virginia’s Fairfax County.


Coming to the rescue are a few organizations and lenders that are offering up home loans and mortgages to help eligible teachers. Here are some examples. 


Good Neighbor Next Door:

Developed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, this program was created for eligible teachers and other civil servants, including firefighters, law enforcement officers, and emergency medical technicians.


It offers a 50% discount on HUD-owned homes located in "revitalization areas"—regions with high foreclosure rates and low homeownership—nationwide.


HUD Teacher Next Door:

This one connects educators to a wide variety of home loans and down payment help for teachers. This includes Good Neighbor Next Door—helping applicants find local programs and organizations that reduce mortgage rates and closing costs and provide down payment rebates.


With this program, housing isn’t only limited to federally designated revitalization areas, and there are no residency requirements.


Educator Mortgage Program:

This helpful program offers up to $800 in loan discounts on closing costs and real estate agent fees on home loans for teachers, as well as a speedy loan turnaround and a $400 donation to the school program of their choice.


The best part is that it’s available for all teachers and school district employees. The minimum credit score it requires is that of 620 and it doesn’t judge your previous bankruptcy or foreclosures, if that’s something you are self conscious about.


Homes for Heroes:

Homes for Heroes is designed for firefighters and military veterans as well as teachers and discounts 25% of your real estate agent's fee when buying and selling, as long as you use an agent or broker who has signed up as a program affiliate.


For more information about the educator-only housing programs that are available, you can check with your local school district. 



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