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The Coolest 2020 Real Estate Trends

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It’s remarkable how quickly home trends shift with the tides. Just when you think word art frames are popular for the living room, the trend is soon replaced by minimalist art. It’s almost as if you are chasing after the fads. What are some of the most popular home features in 2020. 

The most popular type of home, for starters, remains the single-family residence, according to survey research on about 3,000 homebuilders conducted by the National Association of Home Builders. Those were followed by townhomes, condos and co-ops, and manufactured homes.

"It's part of the American dream: the single-family detached home," says Rose Quint, assistant vice president of survey research at NAHB. "That's despite having less expensive options."

New homes are getting smaller and smaller. In 2019, New single-family homes totaled an average 2,520 square feet

"Builders respond to demand out there in the market, and the demand right now is mostly from entry-level buyers and first-time buyers," says Quint. "They're responding to the affordability crisis by shifting their product to smaller, more affordable homes."

Upon examining all of last year, about 44% of new homes have at least four bedrooms, down from 47% in 2015. A third had at least three full bathrooms, down from a high of 37% in 2015. And just 18% had a three-car garage, down from 23% in 2015. This is further proof that smaller is cooler. 

If the homes are smaller but higher quality, they are more likely to be selected among homebuyers than larger homes with fewer features. 

"They value high-quality [homes] and amenities over size," says Quint.

First time buyers are more likely to select lived in home, but repeat buyers contain the wisdom of the ages and were more likely to select new construction for their next home. New homes typically cost about a third more than existing ones. 

"What's the trend in architecture? Everything," says Donald Ruthroff, principal at Dahlin Group Architecture Planning. "We're seeing contemporary that is based on traditional. You're seeing mixes in neighborhoods of that traditional with that contemporary [style] along the same street."


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