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Take A Break From Miami With These Small Florida Towns

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It’s easy to get swept away in the Miami sprawl. And for those that like to vacation in this tropical destination, a few days here may begin to stress you out with the traffic-infested roads and construction sites of its ever developing neighborhoods. When it comes to Florida, you don’t have to stop with just the South. The state is more massive than you’d think and it offers a plethora of tiny towns scattered throughout the landmass that are the complete opposite of Miami and in some cases, feel like another world entirely.

Here are 5 towns that have populations of no more than 30,000 and are all within an approximate five-hour drive from Miami’s central hub. 

1) Key West

The southernmost point in the United States is the coolest island in all the Florida Keys - Key West. This party island consists of world famous restaurants, bars, ghost tours, beaches and other oddities. For those seeking the best key lime pie on the planet, check out Kermit’s. Ernest Hemingway selected this tiny island as his getaway and writing temple for a reason. 

2) Islamorada

For those seeking a Keys retreat that’s devoid of party lifestyle and drunken debauchery, Islamorada is a nicer change in pace. It’s the fisherman’s paradise home to Islamorada Fish Company, a wonderful attraction of shopping and seafood overlooking the water. 

3) Naples

If you’re into the upscale scene and much prefer to stay at The Ritz Carlton, Naples is calling to you. There are plenty of high-end hotels and restaurants here and it’s constantly developing.

4) Stuart

Dubbed “The Sailfish Capital of the World,” this town of about 16,000 people offers a multitude of diverse indoor and outdoor activities and a pretty popping downtown area. 

5) Vero Beach

There’s a reason why Disney chose this location to build their Vacation Club Resort. This relaxing town of 16,000 offers a rich history of old buildings, a protected shoreline and a captivating wildlife scene. If you’re looking for the manicured cleanliness of Disney, stay at Disney’s Vero Beach resort. 

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