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Sell Your Home With These Design Tips

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Your home decor plays a major role in whether or not your home will stay on the market. But where does one start? The titans of decor have all chimed in to offer their wisdom. The general consensus is that it all boils down at simple decor touches that will give your home a glow no buyer would want to overlook. On the other hand, there are simple touches that may leave a bad taste in their mouths. Let’s go over these tips.

- Blooming Flowers

Flowers hold a special power. As living things, they instantly make you feel welcomed, like you’re not alone. This should be your priority when trying to impress potential buyers. Consider some well-cared for succulents, orchids or love ferns.

"I love to create unique floral arrangements to place in key spaces like the dining room, master bedroom, and living room," says Washington, DC–based decorator and real estate agent Amber Harris of At Home DC. “Artificial flowers can supplement fresh florals, but [you can] 'wow' buyers with fresh-cut stems."

Don’t only show off your flowers during open house. When you list photos of your home, make sure to strategically frame the greenery in the shot. 

- Strategically-Placed Mirrors

While flowers contain the super power of instant love and warmth, mirrors contain the power of making your room appear brighter and larger. For those who lack high ceilings and oversized windows, strategically placing mirrors in the right areas can instantly enhance a space. 

"Mirrors are an optimal way to create the illusion of larger rooms and draw attention to a home’s entertaining and kitchen areas," says Lara Rhoades Ewing, a Realtor in Boston. "Mirrors are also a better bet over paintings, which can turn off certain buyers."

Mirrors add depth and dimension which is more pleasing to the eyes. If you place a mirror next to a window, it will bounce natural light throughout the room like a prism. 

- Area Rugs

Wood, tile and even luxury vinyl flooring runs the risk of looking sterile and cold. If you throw an area rug over it, however, there will be instant life and warmth. If a sofa or a chair is tossed over a floor without a rug, it can tip the buyer off that you didn’t care enough to top off your room with the proper finishes. 

"Light and bright area rugs give way to defining the space," says certified interior decorator Dawn Earles of Dawn Earles Design in Waterford, VA. "They also bring texture to the room, making the room more inviting to buyers."

- Towels

Take a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond and stock up on some fresh towels, bathmats and doormats for bathroom accents.

"No matter how clean your bath and dish towels, they’ll never be new again," Harris says. "Buy new towels and place them strategically. A small investment leaves a great first impression."

You can easily set the illusion in your bathroom that you’re in a five-star hotel with a little help from fluffy, matching towels. 

- Top Notch Lighting

Nobody likes a dark house because it can easily affect one’s mood. So follow the rule of three. What this means is having three sources of light with incandescent lightbulbs. For example, the perfect configuration of two table lamps and one floor lamp will add all the illumination you need to brighten up a buyer’s mood. 

"Lighting is key to making a home shine," Earles says.

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