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Now Is The Time

Real Estate For Sale

Just because there is a pandemic, doesn’t mean you should rule out buying real estate, or investing in a property. 

“With historic low rates, it is a good time to consider investing in real estate,” says a real estate agent and expert at Compass in New York. “Low rates give you more buying power, and we have been negotiating amazing deals for our buyers.”

When it comes to mortgage rates, analysts are predicting a drop, especially after the Federal Reserve slashed their rates. This means that buyers may want to set their sights on an investment property. Here are some reasons why you should take the leap of faith.

Buyers have their ears perked up now that we have the lowest interest rate in nearly 50 years and there’s potential for a recession. 

“Given the current volatility in the stock market, investors are reassessing asset allocations in their portfolio, and considering how real estate may fit into this from an asset allocation standpoint,” says the agent.

She says the current environment, with low rates and a good selection of inventory, has given investors the upper hand in negotiations.

“More people are looking to real estate as their next investment, because of the potential for both appreciation and cash flow,” says an agent Anderson Coastal Group in San Diego. “It's also a real, tangible item that can provide more control than other forms of investment.”

If you have an investment property handy, it can prove to be a worthy asset and source of passive income. From a tax standpoint, it can offer tax write-offs

“We always recommend speaking to your qualified tax adviser on your particular situation," she says. "However, generally speaking, there can be tax benefits to owning an investment property. This can be via the tax benefits that mortgages provide, as well as the IRS' treatment of your investment/vacation home, depending on how you rent it out.”

And the truth is - you don’t have to be a millionaire mogul to invest in property or a second source of passive income. Sit down, meditate and truly ask yourself these questions:

Are you cash flow positive?

Can you truly handle six months without receiving rent?

If you can’t answer yes to either, this is not the right move for you. 

“Understanding your budget and sticking to it is very important, especially when making an investment,” says Shtainer.

Real Estate For Sale



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