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Get On These Simple Home Maintenance Projects

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If you’re a homeowner, it’s easy to neglect basic projects around the house. We get so caught up in our day-to-day, that we forget to address these forgotten tasks until before we know it,  our homes are visible wrecks. This article is written for all those homeowners that take pride in their home. For those who actually enjoy the little tasks here and there in shaping their kingdoms. What are these little projects you may ask? Here are a few. 

1) Clean exhaust fans

"Two maintenance areas that home buyers often overlook have to do with fans—bathroom exhaust fans and attic or ventilation fans," says Kathleen Kuhn, the CEO and president of, a home inspection franchise.

These fans are responsible for minimizing odor and moisture which will eliminate the risk of mold and mildew in the long run. Ventilation fans are also responsible for expelling hot air from the top of a home in order to draw cooler air within. This will save you some money on heat-related damage to the roof. Both fans should be cleaned and wiped down every three months to ensure they are functioning properly.

2. Fix broken window seals

"One of the most harmful delayed maintenance issues I see in the field is broken window seals," says real estate agent Jodi Moody of Smoky Mountain Realty in Lenoir City, TN. A homeowner might notice a piece of caulk peeling up around a window's edge and think it’s no big deal. Most often, it simply goes unnoticed.

"Unfortunately, once a window seal is broken, problems are created that homeowners can’t see until major damage occurs," says Moody.

Among these problems are moisture, condensation, mildew, mold, and wood rot, which build up in the window framing then ooze their way into the wall. The entire window frame as a whole can rot as moisture seeps through damaged window caulk. 

"Homeowners should inspect their windows twice a year, and repair any cracked or torn caulk, rubber seals, or damaged wood as soon as possible," says Moody.

3. Repair small foundation cracks

The foundations of your home will begin to naturally crack over time. These should be patched up sooner than later before they increase in size like the San Andreas fault. You wouldn’t want to find yourself spending money on a replacement of the entire foundation. 

"You can repair a small crack with a concrete sealer that you can find at any home improvement store," says Sacha Ferrandi, founder and principal of Texas Hard Money and Source Capital Funding.

4. Lube your garage door springs

"Lubricating the springs will help a garage door last a lot longer," says Ferrandi.

When you apply lubricant annually to the rollers, hinges and tracks, it will come a long way in maintaining the durability of the garage door. You can use a heavy-duty lubricant such as silicon spray or motor oil.

5. Caulk your kitchen sink

The sink is very prone to wear and tear, especially with all of the water that runs through it daily. The caulking within can be damaged from the water and chemical cleaners. 

"Avoid leakage under the sink, with the simple fix of recaulking," says Vivian Young, senior content manager at

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