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Don’t Neglect The Maintenance Tasks

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Home maintenance is the one department many disregard. And by the time they have sold their home for the big bucks, they leave it up to the next homeowners to handle. But the truth is, if you’ve sold your home, it doesn’t relinquish your duty to your home. If you have issues like broken doorbells and leaky faucets, it sets a bad precedent a will make buyers assume that with one issue, there are others that will inevitably arise. Minor issues like burst pipes, roof leaks, and critters moving into your attic may escalate into bigger tragedies. Here are some areas you should focus on. 


Yard and Walkways:

The yard and walkways are crucial areas that receive plenty of foot traffic so be sure to remove dead tree limbs, rake leaves, and clean out flowerbeds. “If your home is already vacant, have someone tend to the yard regularly so that grass and weeds don’t detract from your home’s appearance,” suggests Kyle HiscockMore Info, a Realtor® with Re/Max Reality Group in Rochester, NY. “If your home does not have a well-maintained exterior, (potential buyers) will keep driving,” he cautions. 


“Plus, this kind of neglect can be a bull's-eye for vandals to break into your property.” A good strategy is to install lights on timers to avoid a pitch black abyss in your yard all the time.


Scrape the Gutters:

The gutters are areas that can get easily backed up. Neglecting the grime can lead to a negative ripple effect of drainage issues and puddles. "Buyers, seeing the house when it’s raining, will also see your gutters overflowing," says Alise Roberts, owner/broker at Alise Roberts & CompanyMore Info "That’s a terrible first impression If water starts to penetrate a property, it can be a very difficult sale," Hiscock notes. "Water in basements or in homes is one of the top three things buyers are scared ofMore Info.”


Give Your Heating System Love:

It’s not the most glamorous of jobs but taking care of your HVAC systems in a professional manner will come a long way in keeping your buyers happy. The furnace should be the first step to make sure it doesn’t smell like dust when the heat is cranked up. In the meantime, you can have the duct work and filters cleaned out as well. Also be sure to vacuum the baseboard heaters. “You want to make sure there are no cracked flue tiles, and that from the exterior, there are no gaps in the mortar between the bricks,” Hiscock explains. “Otherwise, you could potentially have the chimney fall over onto the house, and that’s a very expensive fix.


No Room For Critters

You’re home can be as clean as can be but still be home to some unwanted critters and rodents. Keep a lookout for these animals within any holes where they can potentially be burroughing. “In a colder climate, squirrels look for somewhere warm to go, and they’ll find their way into your property,” Hiscock says.


They may not seem like much but handling these tasks will preserve the value of your home and the amount you are able to sell it for. 


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