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Disregard These Renting Myths


Renters  can easily fall into traps due to widespread myths, only to find themselves in difficult decisions. You don’t want to find yourself on bad terms with your landlord, because not only do they hold the cards, but they also hold the keys. We are here to debunk the many myths surrounding the world of rent. 


Bad Credit Means No Apartment:

Many believe that if they have a poor credit score, that there is zero hope for finding a proper apartment. While it may pose challenges in a competitive market, it doesn’t mean you will be disqualified from the race. If you are able to secure applying with a roommate, proof of pay stubs, or letters of recommendation from your previous landlords, your chances of sealing the deal are higher, even with a bad credit report. 


The longer you've lived somewhere, the greater the chances you'll lose your security deposit:


It isn't always so cut and dried, says Megan Perkins Roldan, property manager at Chestnut Tower Apartments in Chicago.


“We definitely take into account the length of tenancy when assessing wear-and-tear damages and expect that longer-term residents will need more work from us at move-out," Roldan says. "But it’s not necessarily [considered] damage.”


You can avoid charges by leaving the unit in great condition by undergoing a deep clean. Be sure to patch large holes and repaint custom colored walls.


Your landlord can evict you for any reason:

They can’t evict you for any reason if you are on a signed lease. A proper case must be built and the landlord needs to show the right evidence that you have broken your lease agreement. If you’re a month-to-month renter, on the other hand, the rules begin to blur. 


You’re flushing away money by renting:

This is also a myth because there are plenty of reasons how renting can turn out to be a good investment. Financially, it may be more favorable if there’s someone on call to fix maintenance issues. A handy man can come in and fix basic plumbing issues and in some case, even replace broken appliances like refrigerators, microwaves and ovens totally free of charge, as opposed to buying it on your own. 


If anyone tries to tell you that renting is not the way to go, now you know how to debunk this misguided myth. 




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