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Homeownership obstacles

These days, mortgage rates are at an all-time low of historical proportions. One would wonder why homeowners haven’t made a move yet. According to housing analysts, student loan debt is to blame for this, along with overly strict lending standards and lost equity., a mortgage information website surveyed 786 homeowners... more

Fannie and Freddie Mae Go Overpriced

In Miami, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mae, who are known for buying mortgage loans from banks with the intent of impelling local lending, have boosted their requirements for mortgage insurance to buffer any losses if a homeowner loses a home. They are also very cautious and have taken a Plan B... more

Developments in The Mortgage World

Golden Beach Properties has just reported, that according to a newly released index by the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), not since three years ago has there been so much access to mortgage credit. It’s booming at an all time high along with credit standards, which are expected to loosen even... more

Icahn Hedge Fund Heading to 305

Golden Beach Properties has reported that well known financial tycoon Carl Icahn has an entrepreneur son named Brett who in collaboration with his business partner, David Schechter are gearing up to organize a hedge fund management company in Miami. This piece of information will bring in more headlines as the... more

FHA: Back To Work Program

According to an article by Golden Beach Properties, foreclosures are running rampant now more than ever and these days, people who lose their homes must wait a whopping 36 months before being able to buy a residence again with a Federal Housing Administration loan. The wait is over with the... more

Consumer confidence down but still high in April

According to an article by the Florida Association of Realtors, the Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index dipped slightly to 82.3 in April, but it's the second-highest reading since January 2008. It would be the highest reading in six years if the Board hadn't revised the March reading higher – to... more

U.S. consumer bureau to test eClosings for mortgages

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is looking for lenders and technology providers to test whether electronic closings of mortgage loans would simplify a process that is overwhelming and frustrating consumers. In research conducted during the past year, consumers told the bureau they didn't have enough time... more

Smart Alternatives to Putting 20 Percent Down

Purchasing a home will likely be the largest investment you’ll ever make. For most buyers, having to pay out a 20% down payment plus closing costs in order to close on a property is a daunting and sometimes impossible thing to achieve. Even though the majority of conventional lenders are... more

8 Factors That May Affect Your Real Estate Closing

Lenders get very finicky and want to keep track of whoever they are lending to. Having good credit when acquiring a home loan is a good thing but is not the only thing to be concerned about. In order to be safe until closing a particular deal, there are a... more

No Tax = Move Your Hedge Fund to Miami

More and more finance professionals are taking their dollars down to South Florida, where the lack of State income, estate, and capital gains taxes make it an attractive place to park your yacht and live a life of luxury, while saving money on what would be a hefty tax bill... more

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