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International buyers boost the market

If it weren’t for the trusty international home buyers, the Florida market really wouldn’t be where it is today. According to an analysis of home sales by Florida Tax Watch, they play an integral role in its future. "Buying In, An Analysis of International Homebuyers in Florida," examines the nations... more

Keeping in mind commute costs

At the recent National Association of Realtors (NAR) convention, a big discussion was brewing. The topic was in regards to transportation and its huge impact on the homebuyers of the future. The general consensus was that traffic wasn’t going anywhere and nothing could be done about it. In one of the... more

Tips for buying your vacation home

A Fort Lauderdale couple, Taylor and Gary Billington, added a vacation home to their vision board some years ago. Setting their sights on The OC, the couple knew where they wanted to go. "The house had to have a water view," Taylor Billington said. "It had to be Zen. It had... more

How Big Is A Square Foot?

Throughout the world, building owners use different methods of measuring square footage or square meters of office spaces that tenants want to lease. These measurements could even differ up to 24 percent from each other, reports The Wall Street Journal. An international coalition of real estate organizations has rallied together to... more

Are Open Houses Still Worth Doing?

Open houses seem to be the kind of extinct real estate activity that won't be around for that long. With social media playing such a huge role in everything real estate, more and more people are using mobile apps and websites to view video walkthroughs of properties. Despite this, there... more

A New Guide to Energy-Saving Homes

These days, homes actually have the options of going green, says Golden Beach Properties, ushering in a courageous new world of home making. There are several ways in which you can efficiently consolidate your energy but you need to do some research first. According to the Appraisal Institute, appraisers need... more

New Insurance Order

According to a recent article by Golden Beach Properties, a new order has been established in Tallahassee, Florida by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (FOIR). They have issued a Consent Order to Praetorian Insurance Company, Florida’s second largest LPI provider in history. This provider requires the modification of its... more

Turnkey Homes Demystified

Golden Beach Properties has done an excellent job of defining exactly what constitutes a "Turnkey Home." What is a “Turnkey” home? This term seems to be referring to one in every 150 home listings as a description of its property, according to a ZipRealty study. “Turnkey” refers to a fully furnished... more

How To Tell If We Are In A Full Housing Recovery

For a full on housing recovery and a positive economy, our surroundings should indicate four positive characteristics according to many economists. These four positive characteristics are as follows: •Stable employment rates and a comparatively healthier job market •Mortgages that have gone back to historical averages •Home prices that remain consistent with a mortgage... more

Wisdom Through Experience: Your Guide To Choosing A Realtor

As a buyer of real estate, you want to be able to trust any individual whom you hire to help you acquire property. That is why it is very important to choose a realtor with the necessary experience to really make a difference. It is said that about 85% of... more

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