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What do GenXer’s and Baby Boomers Want Out of A Home?

We are all human, so our human instincts will desire generally the same aspects of a home. It’s anthropological for us to desire a roof over our heads and shelter from the outside world. But different generations desire specific things based on certain factors. Naturally, a young and single Millennial... more

Work from Home Design Trends from The Pro’s

In the Work-From-Home Age, we are now putting all of our effort into ensuring our domain is as comfortable as can be. What an interesting time for interior design. An environment that is not only comfortable but easy on the eyes will increase productivity.  Interior design is evolving because it’s is... more

To Buy or Sell or Not to Buy or Sell?

Don’t let a pandemic scare you away from buying your dream home or selling your dream home. There is always a way and a pandemic may be a rare moment to take advantage of certain aspects of life. Among them is real estate.  But, according to Holland Real Estate in Concord,... more

Now Is The Time

Just because there is a pandemic, doesn’t mean you should rule out buying real estate, or investing in a property.  “With historic low rates, it is a good time to consider investing in real estate,” says a real estate agent and expert at Compass in New York. “Low rates give you... more

Real Estate’s Battle With The Invisible Enemy

Every industry has been affected and are now finding scrappy or virtual ways of conducting business. The very fabric of industries are being re-evaluated. We are, in a sense, evolving with the times. For real estate, this comes in the form of open houses being replaced with FaceTime apartment tours... more

Federal Reserve Slashes Interest Rate

Desperate times call for desperate measures and the Federal Reserve took action by slashing the interest rate to near zero, saying it would purchase $700 billion in Treasury and mortgage bonds. This came at the concern that the current pandemic will deplete any semblance of financial progress in our country... more

In Miami, The Marinas Are At Your Doorstep

South Floridians are a people of the sea. Boat culture is a lifestyle among many. After the Miami International Boat Show and the 32nd Annual Miami Yacht Show, it seems as if South Floridians have been given the boating itch now more than ever, because we are seeing an ever... more

The 2020 Bathroom

For a while there, it seemed as if bathroom decor was headed toward contemporary for good, but as we hit 2020 hard, we are now seeing an intersection of those contemporary modern lines and white colors, with that of retro vintage elements. Revamping your bathroom is a laborious and expensive undertaking... more

To Sell Or Not To Sell Your Home in 2020

The analysts have made their predictions and according to their data and insights, 2020 will soon become a record-shattering year for home sale prices. That is, of course, if a certain virus doesn't get in the way. If you are uncertain on whether or not you should sell in an unpredictable... more

The Many Beaches of South Florida

There’s nothing like living on beach time, where there is no time at all because you left your watch in the car. Your hair is running wild with salt and it’s okay if there’s sand in every crevice of your body. This carefree lifestyle can be found all along South... more

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