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With Aging Boomers, Comes More Listings

“Sometimes, before we can usher in the new, the old must be put to rest.” Those are the wise words from a wise old man named Qyburn in a fictional world. Google the quote to learn where it’s from. In essence, it is rephrasing the age-old idiom of "out with... more

For Sale Inventory At All Time Low

If you peruse on the regular, you may notice a drop in the number listings in three U.S. cities over 30% year-to-year. If you’re looking at the Florida cities, the drops all range from 16.5% to 8.8%, however. During the holiday, December experienced the the largest year-over-year decline for housing... more

Five Home Office Items That’ll Break the Monotony

As industries change, so does the need to even work from an office of said industry. In this age of tech, all most people need in order to work is their computer and why go to the work place when the work place essentially is your device. A study by... more

Florida’s Weather & Tax Relief

Are you looking to shed tens of thousands of dollars from your tax bills? Are you looking to get this savings every year for the rest of your life? In this fantasy world, you can even be cutting taxes after you die. The reality is - it’s not a fantasy... more

A Few Rookie Mistakes On Selling Direct To A Developer

When you receive an offer from a developer looking to buy out your street, the first thing you must do, after you give yourself a nice pat on the back, is hand the offer to a professional who has your best interest in mind. An offer is not something to... more

Don Shula Buys Beachfront Condo

Don Shula’ company paid $5.53 million for a condo in the Four Seasons Residences at the Surf Club in Surfside. It has been reported that the money came out of the NFL Hall of Fame members’s company, with the sale being made by SC Residences Condominium LLC, an affiliate of... more

The Relationship Between Real Estate and Teachers

    Here’s an example as to how two totally different variables can affect each other and in turn, make an impact on the world at large. The variables are that of teachers and real estate. As housing costs and interest rates rise, teachers may find it difficult to find an affordable... more

The New Modern Family

    If you’ve seen the show “Fixer Upper” starring Chip and Joanna Gaines, then you recognize the style of home, dubbed by them as “the modern farmhouse.” But trends change every other year, especially with social media dubbing fads left and right.    These days, the more urban cousin to modern farmhouse is... more

Trying Before Buying - The Importance of A Pre-Offer Inspection

It’s important not to rush into things. Imagine falling in love with your dream home so hard that you make the compulsive decision to close on it on a whim. Then upon re-entry, you discover a hidden door that leads to the underground gambling ring in your basement. You are... more

Boosting Your Credit Score - The Hard Road

    So it’s time to buy your first home. You’ve made it this far. A family is imminent and that backyard of your dreams is so close you can just smell the barbecue. You’ve hit the home stretch only to realize that your credit score is not high enough.   This shouldn’t be... more



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