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Q4 Sees A Shifting Tide in Residential Sales

Residential sales rose in the fourth quarter in South Florida’s top markets, according to the latest Elliman Reports. The reports explained how Miami and Miami Beach, which have been straggling behind other cities in South Florida, outperformed the rest.  “Now we’re starting to see more and more instances of inventory declining, which... more

The Trendiest Kitchen Trends of 2020

Throughout the decades, trends evolve, tastes change, but some things remain constant. The kitchen island is that constant. In the future, when smart kitchen are techy, minimalist sanctuaries, the kitchen island will still be there. It may be a chrome kitchen island, but it will remain firm as the central... more

The Coolest 2020 Real Estate Trends

It’s remarkable how quickly home trends shift with the tides. Just when you think word art frames are popular for the living room, the trend is soon replaced by minimalist art. It’s almost as if you are chasing after the fads. What are some of the most popular home features... more

A Few Reasons to Retire in Miami

Miami, Florida. The word itself evokes a sense of sun-kissed, sandal-wearing vacation. The weather, the beaches, the food, the culture, the nightlife and the Cuban food, all contribute to making this a paradise destination for all. Beyond trips, Miami is also one of the top retirement cities in the world,... more

Sell Your Home Faster With These Cool Features

The data is out. Homeowners are officially spending more on their homes, either to increase the market value or simply to look and feel great. According to the latest report by the Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, they spent an average of $12,361 in discretionary funds on remodeling... more

Don’t Turn Off Your Buyers With These 3 Staging Trends

There are certain staging looks that can make or break a sale. The wrong pairing of design materials or decor can leave a sour taste in a potential buyer’s mouth and kill a sale. A simple and subtle decor can set the allure of warm and inviting. But adding too... more

With Aging Boomers, Comes More Listings

“Sometimes, before we can usher in the new, the old must be put to rest.” Those are the wise words from a wise old man named Qyburn in a fictional world. Google the quote to learn where it’s from. In essence, it is rephrasing the age-old idiom of "out with... more

For Sale Inventory At All Time Low

If you peruse on the regular, you may notice a drop in the number listings in three U.S. cities over 30% year-to-year. If you’re looking at the Florida cities, the drops all range from 16.5% to 8.8%, however. During the holiday, December experienced the the largest year-over-year decline for housing... more

Five Home Office Items That’ll Break the Monotony

As industries change, so does the need to even work from an office of said industry. In this age of tech, all most people need in order to work is their computer and why go to the work place when the work place essentially is your device. A study by... more

Florida’s Weather & Tax Relief

Are you looking to shed tens of thousands of dollars from your tax bills? Are you looking to get this savings every year for the rest of your life? In this fantasy world, you can even be cutting taxes after you die. The reality is - it’s not a fantasy... more



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